Real-time monitoring of

Why choose Eniris Assets?

With Eniris Assets, your machines, vehicles, infrastructure, buildings, etc. are accurately mapped and analyzed.

Eniris Assets

Monitor, manage and maintain
  • Realtime monitoring by Eniris Insights
  • Remote management and maintenance
  • Budget management & planning
  • Management of multiple assets / projects
  • Generation of alarms when threshold values are exceeded
  • Backup your data
  • Remote access with user management
Asset Management

Real-time monitoring

Eniris Insights processes a wide range of telemetry in real time (eg: MQTT, data via modbus or FTP, APIs, ...). Moreover, we are brand independent!

Manage all your branches & machines from one platform

You can compare and consult the performance of your assets at a glance (even in the event of failure). This way you can make adjustments at any time where desired.

Lower maintenance costs

Save on your maintenance costs by using predictive maintenance. Real-time monitoring of the condition and making the corresponding trend analysis are an integral part of Eniris Insights.

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Eniris is committed to an extensive partner network that continues to grow.

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