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Monitoring for Buildings & Installations

Insight in your energy & water consumption

With Eniris we have developped the online monitoring platform Eniris Insights. This platform maps energy consumptionn, internal climate, and processes of your properties or installations. 

  • Monitoring of gas, water, electricity, heat & cold.
  • Monitoring of the internal climate (temperature, humidity, gas, air pressure, light)
  • Save on unnecessary costs  (sleep usage, peak usage)
  • Watch over:  set notifications for  irregular consumption, unfavorable consumption tarrifs or performance
  • Centralise various energy technologies (heat pumps, solar panels,…) and match consumption to production 
  • Automatically distribute energy bills for your tenants
  • Generate automatic reports (weekly/monthly/annual)

For whom?

Businesses / Industry

  • Check which processes consume the most energy.
  • Watch over water consumption.
  • Watch over temperature conditions.
  • Consumption vs. produced energy by analysing solar.
  • Synoptic view of your processes and partial consumption.

  • Don't have any devices? No problem, we can assist!

    Syndici, property managemers

  • For a complete cost statement of your properties en their residents.
  • Distribute the heat or cold costs (broad support for e.g. mbus, pulse counters, Modbus,....)
  • Predict energy consumption and track down anomalies.
  • Read digital meters, and coupled water or gas meters.
  • Infographic

    Share sustainability actions with the public via infographics. Present it on the big screen and show off real time performance of CO2 reductions, saving measures, current solar production,... or show water/gas/electricity consumption internally for your technicians.

    Manage all your installations from one platform

    At a glance you can compare all energy performances of various installations. Intervene remotely or use the ticketing system.

    Alarm Management

    An alarm is generated for each fault or status that deviates from the normal status.

    In addition, all alarms are recorded in a log. You can set a different priority and possible action (notification, checklist,...) for each alarm. Filters can be applied in the log to request historical data from a specific installation or specific alarm in a specific building or within a specific time window.

    Link with existing property management systems

    Eniris Insights can be linked easily with the existing property management systems via use of our API.

    Some of our Integrations

    A summary of the technology or services which we can read out or control via Eniris Insights: 

    Netuser Paid Services (NPS) is a paid service for the network user. With the help of NPS, we have an overview of the consumption via Eniris Insights.

    • MMR (Manual Meter Reading), Monthly and Yearly A
    • MR (Automatic Meter Reading), Teleread

    By using our P1 reader, we have direct access to all data from the digital meter (every 10 seconds).


    Eniris Insights actively retrieves your measurement data, or you can publish your data to Eniris’ FTP servers.


    Eniris Insights retrieves data via the API of Smappee. 

    PV-guarding and energy management system, Insights retrieves the data directly.

    Insights retrieves data directly from Sunny Portal & EnnexOS.

    Insights retrieves data directly from Fusion Solar, Net Eco, smart loggers.

    Insights retrieves data directly via the API. 

    Integration possible via our Smart Grid Gateway: https://eniris.be/nl/pricing/

    You can push data directly to our MQTT-servers.

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