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Eniris Insights

With Eniris we have developped the online energy asset monitoring platform Eniris Insights. Energy consumption, condition parameters and production data is visualised, watched over and analysed.  

We work brand & technology independent. Eniris Insights gathers data from energy meters (electricity, gas, heat, water), PLC’s, solar panels, EV charging stations, machinery and much more. We place modules ourselves where needed. 

Some of our Integrations

Unique selling points Eniris Insights

All Energy Assets on one central platform.  

At a glance an overview of all KPI’s of your Real Estate, Production Lines, …. 

  • Consumption data & costs (gas, heat, water electricity, cold, …) 
  • Production data (e.g. energy, raw materials,…) 
  • Ratios (e.g. consumption per production,…)
  • Meter connectivity

Alarm Management, Notifications & Ticketing


Set-up alarm thresholds yourself independently of the underlying control systems.

  • Overarching registry & processing 
  • Allocate various priority levels
  • Alarm notifications by email, pop-up or text messages (optional)
  • Integration with your ERP system / digital work orders
  • Ticketing within Eniris Insights

All Real Estate mapped

  • Tracking down issues in your property portfolio is made extremely simple through a clear map view. 
  • Diverse filters: new installations, installations with critical alarms, disconnected systems,…
  • Instantly navigate to the desired profile

Weather Data


Access to real time, local temperature, irradiation data  and forecasts.

  • For accurate calculations of Performance Ratios
  • Consumption predictions based on weather forecasts

User Management

  • Easily manage your users (admin, technician, customer,…)
  • Access to various measurement systems or properties from one single platform
  • Access to all consumption reports or financial analytics 


Personalized Dashboard


A platform completely adapted to your business & part of your  ecosystem.

  • Your own logos 
  • Accessible via your URL
  • Color schemes according to your style

Automated Reporting


Templates tailored to your needs for internal data processing and external comunication.

  • Consumption reporting 
  • Financial reporting 
  • Internal of external
  • Group reporting (combination of different systems)

All tools for Analytics


If it’s a short visual check-up or a detailed comparison – Eniris Eniris delivers you handy tools eitherway.

  • kWh max & base load analytics 
  • Compare sensors & energy meters
  • Various visualisations (heat maps, pie charts, bar charts,…)

One Gateway for all devices with Modbus

Modbus Gateway

The Eniris Modbus Gateway is the ideal straightforward solution to gather data if you wish to collect data brand independently from devices that possess a serial communication port.

Brand independence

The Modbus Gateway is compatible with various devices due to its RS422 or RS485/Modbus interface.

Complexity made simple

Plug & Play, and instantly connected with the accompanying platform. A DIN-rail is available for industrial systems.

Permanent & temporary measurement campaigns

A total solution

Eniris offers you the total package for energy, heat and condition measurements as well as load-balancing between solar energy, electric vehicles, and other appliances through the monitoring platform Eniris Insights.


Each client is different. That’s why we offer various possibilities for data processing. Our Insights platform is developped flexibly and modularly in order to be able to offer insights tailored to your specific needs.


Our Customers


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October 2021

Webinar PV monitoring

With Eniris we have developped an overarching monitoring platform for the follow-up of solar energy production. 

February 2021

Webinar monitoring
of machines & installations

In this webinar we discuss the use of Eniris Insights as a monitoring & analytics tool for your machinery. 


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