Real time insights in your energy usage your machines your energy production your vehicles your sensors your production process

Eniris visualizes - analyzes - optimizes

From data to insight

Eniris provides real time insight in energy usage and production, processes and machines, through the custom tailored data-analysis platform Eniris Insights.

This platform embraces the philosophy of industry 4.0 and gives you insight in the data of your assets (up time, energy usage, parameters, maintenance…). Furthermore we engage in energy consumption & cost optimization, alarm management, remote updates of software & settings, and predictive maintenance.

For whom?

Energy installation companies

Umbrella platform for PV inverters (SMA, Solar Edge, Huawei, ABB, Stüder), cogeneration, heat pumps, ...

System integrators & engineers

Connect your machines with Eniris Insights. We take care of data of PLCs, HMIs, sensors, ...
Industry 4.0

Open systems

Visualisation for open systems (KNX, Raspberry Pi, ⁣Revolution Pi, OpenHAB, Cloudgate ...)

Everywhone who want to cut costs on their energy bill

Eniris does temporary or permanent energy measurement campagins to give you insight into your energy usage so you can reduce costs.

About Eniris Insights

Custom development tailored to the client

We develop measurement devices and software in house for a seamless integration in your infrastructure. The modular structure of Eniris Insights ensures unparalleled flexibility to design to your requirements.

Save by investing or optimizing

With the measusrement data of Eniris Insights we continuously look for improvements in your assets, processes and energy management.

Technology independent

One central monitoring platform for all your meters, machines,... Data captation from your existing management and monitoring systems is also available! This way you can access historical data. Eniris Insights has been developed to manage and analyse your data as flexibly as possible.

Become a partner

Eniris has an extensive partner network that keeps growing.

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The next webinar “Monitoring of buildings” is on March 5.

Webinar monitoring
PV panels

Webinar Fleet Management

Monitoring assets

Join our webinar "Monitoring assets". Learn more about how to do predictive maintenance in this webinar. A few demonstrations will be shown about the working of Eniris Insights.

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