Brand Independent

Various integrations & supporting protocols

Overarching Management

With Eniris Insights


Personalised production or financial reports

Central Alarms

Read alarms 1:1 or set your wown thresholds

Maintenance & Management tool
for machines and installations

With Eniris we have developped a maintenance & management tool Eniris Insights for machine manufacturers, integrators and users of machines and instalations.

This online platform fits completely within the philosophy of Industry 4.0 and allows you to gain insight in your installation data (uptime, downtimes, energy consumption, condition parameters,…). We also focus on alarm management, software updates from a distance and predictive maintenance.

Moreover, Eniris Insights is technology independent: controllers, sensors, PLC’s, HMI’s, … are connected to the platform in simple fashion. 

Next to visualisation and storage of measurement data, there is also the possibility to perform technical analyses.  

From Data to Insights

Unique selling points Eniris Insights

At a Glance

View on the most important and relevant performance parameters of all your systems.

All KPI’s in a row

  • OEE
  • Fully Productive Time
  • Planned Production Time
  • Ideal Cycle Time
  • Run Time
  • Total Count
  • Good Count
  • Good Parts
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Availability

Predictive Maintenance

With automatic recognition of paterns in the data, Eniris Insights predicts when problems could arrise.  This allows for you to plan maintenance and repairs of system components ahead of time. 

Cut your maintenance costs

  • Anomaly detection (machine learning)
  • Predict system failure
User Management

Regulating access has never been this simple.

Different levels of access

Add and manage technicians , administrators or indicidual system owners in extremely user-friendly fashion. Seperate levels of interfaces for every type of user.



Tailored to any type of user. 

Bye bye spreadsheets

Personalized templates for processing production, consumption or financial data per plant, line or group.

Alarm Management, Notifications & Ticketing

Set-up the alarm thresholds of your choice independently from the underlying portals/PLC’s. 

More profit from your alarm processing

  • Overarching registration & processing
  • Allocatio of various priorities
  • Receive alarm notifications via email, pop-up or text message (optional)
  • Integration with your ERP system / digital work orders
  • Ticketing within Eniris Insights

Extensive Support

In almost any setting there’s machines and installations of various brands of different ages. No problem for Eniris Insights as we process a wide range of protocols/interfaces.

Brand Independence

  • OPC UA
  • CAN
  • MQTT
  • modbus RTU/TCP
  • FTP(S),
  • API’s (e.g. for your SCADA)

Don’t hesite to contact us regarding the accessibility of your installation(s).

Essential Analytics

Short visual check or detailed comparisons, Solar Supervision delivers you with handy tools eitherway.

From Data to Insights

  • Discover the weak links in your production (which machines are due for replacement or maintenance?)
  • Reduce the amount of unplanned maintenance ops
  • Increase lead time
  • Decrease energy costs

Showcase real time KPI’s and OEE parameters on the big screen in the office. You immediately see how a production line is performaning and where adjustments are needed. 

For the big screen

Immediately connect to any screen with the system’s HDMI interface. 

One gateway for all devices via Modbus

Modbus Gateway

The Eniris Modbus Gateway is the ideal straightforward solution to gather data if you wish to collect data brand independently from devices that possess a serial communication port.

Brand Independent

The Modbus Gateway is compatible with various devices due to its RS422 or RS485/Modbus interface.

Complexity made simple

Plug & Play, and instantly connected with the accompanying platform. A DIN-rail is available for industrial systems.


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October 2021

Webinar PV monitoring

With Eniris we have developped an overarching monitoring platform for the follow-up of solar energy production. 



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