Voltijdse jobs

Breng je carrière naar het volgende niveau en kom in ons team aan de slag in één van de volgende betrekkingen.

  • Developing the front end of Eniris Insights. 
  • Designing user interactions on various pages/steps on the dashboard. 
  • Developing the back end of Eniris Insights. 
  • Creating servers and databases for functionality. 
  • Ensuring responsiveness of applications. 
  • Seeing through a project from concept to finished product. 
  • Designing and developing APIs. 
  • Meeting both technical and consumer needs. 

Duik mee in het Eniris ecosysteem en bouw dit verder uit. Dit gaat van Eniris Insights, het online portaal, tot de hardware voor slim schakelen en andere energietoepassingen.

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  • Work on real world AI problems with real world datasets.
  • Advance the various aspects of our self-learning product in line with our roadmap.
  • Work closely with our clients to deploy and train our product for their specific use-cases.
  • Further advance our in-house research in collaboration with our academic partners.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with experience in presenting to both internal teams and external partners.
  • Distinctive problem-solving and analytical skills with a high degree of analytical rigor, strategic mindset, and business acumen.
  • Demonstrated talent at building strong collaborative partnerships with external partners and internal cross-functional teams.
  • A passion for marketing, storytelling, creativity and innovation.

Stages, vakantiewerk en masterproef

Ben je student en wil je graag stage lopen, wat bijverdienen of een uitdagende masterproef uitwerken? Bij Eniris bieden we jou de kans om iets moois uit te werken met perspectief op doorgroeimogelijkheden. Kies uit één van de onderstaande onderwerpen of een spontaan voorstel.

In this internship you will join our software development team & get first hand experience about IoT
software applications, monitoring platforms, and related topics such as MQTT communication &
machine learning. You will be responsible for writing plugins to communicate with the devices of our
clients, setting up online systems for new prospects and developing data analytics.

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In this internship you will join our marketing team & get first hand experience about marketing in a
small tech company. As a company we specialize in monitoring of energy solutions & machines.

You will be assisting on the following topics:

• Brand design of the online platform
• Adding A/B testing
• Smoke tests for new product functionalities
• General marketing (website, social media, brochures)
• Brand & marketing advice for the management, marketing & communications plan

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