Brand Independent

The broadest support of inverter brands

Overarching Management

With Solar Supervision


Personalized production or financial reports

Central Alarms

Read out alarms 1:1 or set the thresholds of your choice

API or Solar Gateway

In most cases you wont need a logger.

Solar Supervision

With Eniris we have developped the overarching monitoring portal Solar Supervision for the follow-up of solar production, energy usage and energy storage from various systems. 

We work inverter brand independently. Inverters from SMA, Fronius, SolarEdge, Enphase, Delta, GoodWe, Huawei and many more can be connected to the platform. All of this without the need for installing extra hardware such as loggers (e.g. Solar Log or inverter-specific loggers). We use APIs of the underlying platforms. 

Next to visualisation and storage of measurement data, there are also options to perform technical, maintenance and financial analyses (e.g. solar panel downtime detection).


Some of our Integrations

Unique selling points Solar Supervision

At a Glance

View on the most important and relevant performance parameters of all your systems.

All KPIs in a row

  • Performance ratio (PR)
  • Yield
  • Uptime / downtime
  • Amount of inverters active / defect / offline
  • Ratios of your choice
  • Availability
  • Energy: usage, production, normalised, simulations
  • Energy Performance Index
  • Installed power DC
  • Earnings
  • Irradiation
  • Precipitation & rainfall chance
  • Air pressure
  • Snowfall
  • Tarrifs
  • Temperature
  • Wind direction & speed
  • Voltage, current, cos phi

Weather Data

Real time weather reports for each location with special attention to: solar duration, global irradiation and the 4 day solar forecast.

Quality criteria for your PV systems

  • For real time calculations of performance ratios and uptime. 
  • Production predictions based on irradiance forecasts. 
User Management
Regulating access has never been this simple.

Your very own client portal

With Solar Supervision you can add and manage technicians , administrators or indicidual system owners in extremely user-friendly fashion. Seperate levels of interfaces for every type of user.

  • Finally access to various inverterbrands from one portal (e.g. combine SMA & Enphase installations).
  • Access to all production reports or financial analyses. 


Tailored to any type of user.

Bye bye spreadsheets

Personalized templates for processing production, consumption, or financial data per plant, line or group. 

  • Production or consumption
  • Financials 
  • Internal or external
  • Group reporting (combine installations)  

All systems mapped

Tracking down issues in your asset portfolio is made extremely simple via a clear map view.

Interactive live map

  • Various filters: new installations, installations with critical alarms, disconnected systems,…
  • Instantly navigate to the desired profile.

Adapt the branding of Solar Supervision completely to your own business.

Power-up your brand

A platform completely adapted to your business & part of your  ecosystem.

  • Your own logos 
  • Accessible via your URL
  • Color schemes according to your style

Essential Analytics

If it’s short visual checks or detailed comparisons, eitherway Solar Supervision delivers the necessary tools. 

From data-analytics to decision

  • Compare on string & inverter level
  • Compare sensors & energy meters
  • Financial, maintenance & technical analyses
  • Various visualisations (heat maps, pie charts, bar charts, scatter plots,…)

Grouped Display

Combine inverters of various brands en mold them into one grouped page for the same plant.

Uniform installation pages

  • Leaves notes for your staff or end customers
  • Visualise the energy consumption registered by energy meters 

Alarm Management, Notifications & Ticketing

Set-up the alarm thresholds of your choice independently from the underlying portals/PLC’s.

More profit from your alarm processing

  • Overarching registration & processing
  • Allocatio of various priorities
  • Receive alarm notifications via email, pop-up or text message (optional)
  • Integration with your ERP system / digital work orders
  • Ticketing within Eniris Insights

Showcase real time KPI’s and OEE parameters on in the office.

For the big screen

The infographics are intended to be displayed on large screens. They showcase real time performance concerning: 

  • CO2 reduction
  • Saving measures
  • Real time production

One Gateway for all Inverters

Solar Gateway

With Solar Supervision you can read inverters without the need for installing extra hardware when they are connected to a portal (e.g. Sunny Portal). We gather data & alarms via the underlying APIs.

In case the inverters are not connected to underlying portals, then data can be read via Modbus with the Eniris Solar Gateway. This alows you to read data and have online follow-up for brands where there is no (more) cloud support offered.

Brand Independent

The Modbus Gateway is compatible with various devices due to its RS422 or RS485/Modbus interface.

Complexity made Simple

Plug & Play, and instantly connected with the accompanying platform. A DIN-rail is available for industrial systems.


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October 2021

Webinar PV monitoring

With Eniris we have developped an overarching monitoring platform for the follow-up of solar energy production. 



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